Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation


   Automatic Control Laboratory

The Control Laboratory is used for the validation and testing of control strategies on fuel cell based energy conversion systems and special electrical machinebased energy generation. The facilities are equipped with a supervisor system which monitors necessary safety conditions regarding gas leaks and power failure alarms management, automatic air extraction and safe shutdown routines for the test stations in case of emergency. +info


Articulated Robot Laboratory

The Articulated Robotics Laboratory provides scientific support to Kinematics and Robot Design and Perception and Manipulation research lines. A work-cell with two Stäubli 6 DOF manipulators with force sensors is used for cooperative manipulation. A sensorized area, with Time-of-Flight and color cameras, and a compliant 7 DOF Barrett manipulator with a 3‐fingered hand is used for human-aware manipulation tasks. Moreover, a Delta Haptic Device is used for skill transfer in robot coaching. Some small humanoid robots are used for educative activities. + info


Barcelona Robot Lab

The Barcelona Robot Lab encompases an outdoor pedestrian area of 10.000 sq m., and is provided with 21 fixed cameras, a set of heterogeneous robots, full coverage of wifi and mica devices, and partial gps coverage. The area has moderate vegetation and intense cast shadows, making computer vision algorithms more than challenging. + info


Mobile Robotics Laboratory

The Mobile Robotics Laboratory is an experimental area primarily devoted to hands-on research with mobile robot devices. The lab includes 3 Pioneer platforms, 2 service robots for urban robotics research based on Segway platforms, and a 4-wheel rough outdoor mobile robot, a six‐legged LAURON‐III walking robot, and a vast number of sensors and cameras. + info


Mechatronics Workshop

The Workshop provides support in the design, construction, and maintenance of electric, electronic, and mechanical devices and prototypes for the research projects carried out at IRI. Current rapid prototyping equipment at the Workshop includes CNC machines and a 3D plastic printer.