XaRTAP is the Reference network in Advanced Production Techniques, wich joins the power of 11 research groups with more than 200 researchers. It focuses on the processes of material transformation and parts assembly, in order to help the companies increase their technological capacity.

XaRTAP members are distributed over the main scientific and technological hubs of Catalonia; namely, the Technological Parks and Campuses of Barcelona, Terrassa, Girona, Bellaterra and Castelldefels.

Parcs Tecnològics de Barcelona, Terrassa, Girona, Bellaterra i Castelldefels


Led_crculo_naranja2 To perform high level research and development in Production Technologies.

Led_crculo_naranja2 To promote the R&D infrastructures in Production Technologies.

Led_crculo_naranja2 To achieve external funding nationally and internationally.

Led_crculo_naranja2 To intervene actively in personnel training tasks.

Led_crculo_naranja2 To develop the transfer of technology and services.

Led_crculo_naranja2 To disseminate the results of research in all the potentially interested areas.

Led_crculo_naranja2 To collaborate with foreig institutions.