VICOROB - Computer Vision and Robotics

VICOROB - Computer Vision and Robotics

The Computer Vision and Robotics (VICOROB) is a research group at the University of Girona specialized in developing applications in the fields of Computer Vision and Robotics. This is a group created in 1993, with multidisciplinary integration of research staff with academic backgrounds with complementary technical and administrative staff support and development. It currently has a staff of 70 people around the world. The result is an intense activity in both basic research and in applied research, with contributions in the academic and projects in the field of technology transfer.

Research Activities

Underwater Robotics

Led_crculo_naranja2 Location of vehicles
Led_crculo_naranja2 Design and development of vehicle simulators
Led_crculo_naranja2 Missions and environments Underwater
Led_crculo_naranja2 Sensorsfornavigation
Led_crculo_naranja2 Development and commissioning of underwater robots

3D Perception
Led_crculo_naranja2 Camera calibration
Led_crculo_naranja2 3D reconstruction information with laser scanners
Led_crculo_naranja2 Registry of objects from multiple views
Led_crculo_naranja2 Stereovision

Mobile Robotics
Led_crculo_naranja2 Autonomous robot navigation
Led_crculo_naranja2 Visual localization and qualitative 3D reconstruction of the environment
Led_crculo_naranja2 Fusion of sensoryinformation
Led_crculo_naranja2 Mapping local obstacledetection

Underwater Vision

Led_crculo_naranja2 Construction of georeffered underwater mosaics
Led_crculo_naranja2 3D information from the seabed
Led_crculo_naranja2 Construction of big images (maps)

Image Analysis

Led_crculo_naranja2 Segmentation and object detection in images
Led_crculo_naranja2 Image characterization using color information, texture and form
Led_crculo_naranja2 Developing systems of recognition and classification of objects

National and International Projects Experience

VICOROB want to be one of the focal points in Europe in their field of research, especially in its main lines of research. We are a research group recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia (2009SGR00380) with distinction from the center of the Technological Innovation Network in 2008, current network TECNIO

More of our Projects


TRIDENT: Marine Robots and Dextrous Manipulation for Enabling Autonomous Underwater Multipurpose Intervention Missions

The project proposes a new methodology for multitasking intervention under water with various potential applications such as underwater archeology, oceanography and offshore industries, and goes beyond the methods and manned / or systems of construction of multiple use. TRIDENT is based on new forms of cooperation between autonomous art of the surface and underwater autonomous operation of a vehicle. + info


RAUVI: RGeneric and intelligent robot with autonomous navigation and Operation for depth of 500m.

RAUVI The main objective of the project is to develop and improve the technologies required to perform independently a mission to intervene in underwater environments. The approach can be summarized in two different stages: (1) survey and (2) intervention. First, the I-AUV explores the region of interest, using visual and acoustic data, synchronized with the navigation of the robot. Then the surfaces of robot, and the information is downloaded to the base station, where they built a computer reconstruction of the region explored. + info