REMM - Research Group on Mechanics of Materials and Structures

REMM - Research Group on Mechanics of Materials and Structures

The objectives of the Research Group on Mechanics of Materials and Structures (REMM) are research and technology transfer and knowledge in the field of continuous media and the strength of materials and structures engineering, through the application of analytical methods , numerical simulation and experimental.

Research Activities

Metal profiles with thin-walled open sections

Led_crculo_naranja2 Bending behavior
Led_crculo_naranja2 Compression behavior
Led_crculo_naranja2 Modelling of forming processes
Led_crculo_naranja2 Optimisation of sections
Analisi and design of special structures
Led_crculo_naranja2 Seismic design of lightweight structures

Fire Resistance
Special applications of measurement efforts

Composite slabs

Some of our projects


SAFSS. Structural Aplications of Ferritic Stainless Steels

Currently, the group participates in the European project SAFSS (Structural Stainless Steels Aplications of ferritic). The tasks which the group consist of experimental testing of stainless steel sheet and composite slabs.


Microtone Catalonia

From the research group involved in the research project led by Yuri Koubychine development microtone Catalonia. He has participated in the analysis and rugged design of the vacuum envelope, simulations for the preliminary design of the magnets, design of mechanical components and assembly and test specifications.