Robotics and Automation

Mechanical systems for mobile robots; Auto guidance technology vehicles (AGV's: LGV, ...); Technologies in Collaborative Robots (Robot Swarm); Wheeled mobile robots with multiple degrees of freedom; Robotic platforms for applications for groups with special needs: health care Robot; Cycle time improvements in automated manufacturing operations; Introduction of robotics Co-workers; Underwater Robotics

Artificial Vision

Introduction to Computer Vision Systems in the industry; Development Tools for Computer Vision as special needs; Optimization of algorithms associated with Computer Vision; Track product by Computer Vision; 3D reconstruction in dynamic environments; Stiching 2D and Stiching Circular (3D); Medical Imaging

Energy and Environment

Waste management; Air Pollution Control

Multisolid Systems

Study of the biomechanical application areas; Dynamic percussion; Vibration analysis and modeling of transmission.

Computer Control and Production Management

Multipurpose Operations Planning (MOPP); Fault Diagnosis (EXIST-M: Abnormal Situation; Management using Neuro-Fuzzy Reasoning); Publication of data in XML format (THOT: On-line Integration Tool); Modeling, simulation and analysis of the supply chain (I-CHAIN); Forecasting supply and demand; Manufacturing supply chain for continuous (complex chemicals); Computer Modeling for alternative energy (ACCISS)

Materials Technology

Plastics Materials; Composites Technologies

Eco-design;Metal forming processes;Mechanical behaviour of materials; Structural behaviour of thin opened sections open

Quality, Statistics and Simulation

Total Quality Management; Time Series Analysis (Datamining); Bayesian TheoryNumerical simulation of structures for fire resistance evaluation

Rapid Product Development

Time Compression Technologies for Product Development; Prototyping; Additive Manufacturing Techniques