Quality, Applied Statistics and Numerical Methods

Quality, Applied Statistics and Numerical Methods

Operative Statistics (Statistical treatment and analysis, Series forecast), Total Quality Management, Quality procedures implementation and Numerical methods.



VERDI: Virtual engineering for robust manufacturing with design integration

Six major aero engine and component manufacturers, together with six universities and three research institutes have joined their expertise and resources in the VERDI proposal to reach beyond the current state-of-the-art in manufacturing process simulation. The aim of VERDI is to contribute to winning global leadership for European aeronautics by developing a new generation of engineering technologies that allows for complete virtual manufacturing of structural aero engine components integrated with the design process and manufacturing. + info


MULTIMATHERIA: Research in hybrid composite materials with adaptive properties in the application of internal transport.

MULTI.MATHERIA is a unique and strategic project of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, focused on the analysis, characterization and study of new hybrid composite materials (FRP cored sandwich, photo-luminescent textiles, smart fabrics, translucent materials, etc..) adaptive properties. The objective of this project is to add value through the multifunction materials, and also bring new qualities to the interior of mass transportation, both public and private (cars, airplanes, trains, etc.).+ info