GRINS - Intelligent Robotics and Systems Group

GRINS - Intelligent Robotics and Systems Group

The goal of the Intelligent Robotics and Systems Group (GRINS) is the study, evaluation and development of robotic systems based on the incorporation of perception capabilities for achieving more flexibility and a more intelligent behavior.
The research is focused to problem solving in scientific and technological areas, both in the industrial sector as well as in non industrial environments. At present the main working fields are medical robotics, both surgery and assistance, underwater robotics, mobile robots control, distributed control systems and perception.

Research Activities

Medical Robotics
Led_crculo_naranja2 Robotics in surgery
Led_crculo_naranja2 Assistant and rehabilitation robotics

Underwater Robotics
Mobile Robotics

Perceptyon Systems
Led_crculo_naranja2 Processing images in real time
Led_crculo_naranja2 Intelligent autonomous systems
Led_crculo_naranja2 Dynamic Tracing 3D objects
Led_crculo_naranja2 Human-computer interaction interfaces

Distributed Control

Some of our projects


Robotic system for the automatic guidance of the camera in laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopy, as a minimal invasive technique provides advantages for the patient, such as minimal trauma and a much rapid recovering. The project developed consists on making the process of continuously guiding the camera towards the area of interest, the abdominal area where the surgeon is working, automatic. A vision system determines the area of interest and provides the movment orders to a robot that holds the camera, or laparoscope. + info


Monitoring, Supervision and intelligent registration of the state signals in an operating room

The project has been motivated by the increasing need of introducing new technology in the operating room with the aim to improve surgical procedures, having as a goal the advancement in incorporation of technology in this environment. More specifically, the work has been done in an experimental operating room endowed with a robot that assists the surgeon and in the development of a computer controlled environment. + info