Environment and Energy

Environment and Energy

Valorisation of waste, Analysis of recycling processes, Hydrogen technologies, Energy efficiency in buildings, predictive control of waste cycle systems.


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SIGRA: Integrated Environmental Resources Management

The project's main objective the development of decision support tools based on the systematic application of criteria, "transparent" and technical objectives (based on "knowledge") for the integrated management of environmental resources. Therefore, to develop a generic model, based on the paradigms of process engineering, which represents the ideal form of consumption and generation of various environmental resources, and implement the methodologies necessary to support the model, from the "equity value "of these resources, to improve (optimize) the operation at different levels (strategic decisions, tactical and operational) and applications (management of the cycle of water, solid waste management and recycling, control of industrial emissions, etc.).. + info


Using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to determine the processes of dispersion of pollutants in the air in urban area

The project proposes a combination of dispersion models as tools or commercial eulerians or Gaussian, with CFD models to reduce computational load and achieve consistent results in environments with sufficient validity complicated geometry, as can be streets, blocks , isolated buildings, etc..