CCP - Plastic and Composites Technology Group

CCP - Plastic and Composites Technology Group

The Plastic and Composites Technology Group (CCP) is a public R & D centre. It is a consortium whose membres include the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Terrassa Town Council , the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the most representative associations from the plastics industrial sector. Created in 1996, the CCP's founding aim was to be an instrument at the service of company improvement, with activities based around four major objectives: technical training, continuos improvement, the dissemination of tecnological innovation, promoting the internationalisation of business activity. Today, the CCP is already an acclaimed centre of excellence in plastics, with a team forming a Generalitat de Catalunya Consolidated Research Group, and belongs to the TECNIO.

Research Activities

Research & Development

Led_crculo_naranja2 Reactive extrusion
Led_crculo_naranja2 New composites & nanocomposites
Led_crculo_naranja2 Mixing of polymers
Led_crculo_naranja2 Biopolymers
Led_crculo_naranja2 Cellular polymers
Led_crculo_naranja2 Halogen-free flame retardant


Led_crculo_naranja2 Processing / Structure / Properties relationship 
Led_crculo_naranja2 Thermal and mechanical behaviour
Led_crculo_naranja2 Fracture and advanced impact techniques
Led_crculo_naranja2 Fire behaviour
Led_crculo_naranja2 Rheology 
Led_crculo_naranja2 Microscopy

Technological Innovation

Led_crculo_naranja2 Integral design of plastic parts
Led_crculo_naranja2 Injection process window
Led_crculo_naranja2 Multi-component injection and overmoulding
Led_crculo_naranja2 Foaming
Led_crculo_naranja2 Multilayer films and sheet


Led_crculo_naranja2 Recyclability
Led_crculo_naranja2 Additives and compounding
Led_crculo_naranja2 Compatibility of plastic waste
Led_crculo_naranja2 New applications

National and International Projects Experience

The CCP's services form the step immediately prior to practical and direct application. With this philosophy, we place ourselves at the service of both private companies and public bodies, helping them towards the successful completion of their projects The CCP's customers range from small and medium sized local enterprises to large national or multi-national companies such as NUPIK, INDO, ACCIONA, NUREL, and RPB. The CCP's public projects are also executed on a Catalan (CIRI), National (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) and European levels (Comisión de la UE).

Some of our projects


The mechanical and fracture behavior of multilayered sheets (up to three layers) is presented. The sheets were processed by plane coextrusion-calendering using two polypropylene-based materials, isotactic polypropylene homopolymer (H0), and an ethylene-propylene block copolymer (C1) with 5.5& ethylene vontent in weight. Combining these materials five different sheets were produced, (H0, C1, H0-C1, H0-C1-H0, and C1-H0-C1), with an overall thickness of 0.5 mm.  + info


The essential work of fracture (EWF) concept was successfully applies to the fracture toughness characterization of ductile glass microsphere-filled polypropylene (PP)-matrix composites. Injection-moulded PP and PP/poly( (PET) blend-matrix composites filled with both untreated and sialne-treated glas beads (50 wt%) were studied to ascertain the influence of the material composition on the EWF parameters.The results indicated that the EWF methodology could be applied to this kind of particulate-filled composites whwnwvwe high plasticity is developed in the crack tip front before the fracture propagation.  + info